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December will arrive soon and it became an important moment for all the Christians wherever they are because they will celebrate Christmas. On this special day they will rejoice to buy new clothes and a variety of Christmas ornaments.

Christmas celebrations is look like incomplete if it does not appear with a variety of new clothes that fit and attractive. Men generally will wear dress complete with a tie combined with black trousers or dark brown. Especially for Christmas Eve is very appropriate if the guy wearing a suit or a vest with a blend of the appropriate color.

Christmas Eve for women will be more beautiful, romantic, and polite with clothes that can be modified for example by incorporating ethnic elements. For a young woman very well with long kebaya, a long tunic, sleeveless tunics, kimono and clothes brackets appear with collar variations, such as a collar fall, upright, Chinese collar and sabrina. Appearance will be more graceful if combined with a ribbon belt formed into sweet knots along the waist. Graded color blend, starting bright colors like yellow, orange, fuchia, Fanta, blue, bright green to black color is also very suitable when the celebration of Christmas.

For those of young women, fits perfectly with plaid skirt, like the motif of Scotland. Skirts the canal is also very suitable to blend shirt from soft jersey material with matching color with a skirt. Tank tops and tube top can be used as a Christmas outfit. But should be combined with a blazer or a jacket that fits in the body, so it does not seem open. Then mix with a straight knee-length skirt or trousers and strappy shoe models. It will sweeter if it's completed with accessories typical teenager who is not too crowded yet simple and in accordance with clothes.

While the young men would not be too hard to choose because most fashion apparel is a classic men's clothing. To dress to church, young men can use a long sleeve shirt or short sleeve. Motif plain or plaid will be more suitable, of course, with a typical teenager, in accordance with the body color and age. Do not wear clothes that make the look more mature.


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