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The 1 st Award

My friend Nyoman..

Thanks for your award, glad to receive this, Thnaks for your comments, thanks for your visiting, thanks for everything..

Well, I will forward this special award to My Friends who cares me:)..
1. Ipanks, Thanks for your participation,comments, visiting
2. Blog Tips, Thanks for the tips, info, participation
3. Loker, tahnks for many info..
4. Warung Data, tahnks for participations and info
5. Social Magazine, Thanks for info, participation

Ok..Come and Share...... Give this award to others


ipanks said...

horeeeeeeeeee pertamaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

he?saya dapat award?huwaaaaaaaaaa makasih makasihhhh

funny humor said...

care 2 xchange links with my
funny humor
blog? I've put ur link in my blog.if u dont mind, can u put "funny humor" as my name in ur blog?Thx

NYoMaN said...

saya keduaxx

selamat ya :)

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